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totally guided walking expedition to explore the ruins which holds the secret of Swahili culture and architectures

Honeymoon Packages
6 Days Mafia Island Honeymoon
6 Days Honeymoon in FunduLagoon
Chumbe Island Zanzibar
Selous Boat - Tanzania Safaris Package
Selous Game Reserve
4 Days Selous Game Reserve Safari gives you the opportunity of  doing a boat safari in the Rufiji River, armed-guided walking excursions in the bush and game drive. the reserve contains the world's largest concentrations of elephants, buffalo, crocodiles, and hippopotamuses. Click Here for Itinerary
Other Safaris in the South

4 Days Rufiji River Boat Safaris

4 Days Selous Kilwa Kisiwani safari

5 Days Fly-In Katavi Safaris

7 Days Selous Mikumi Ruaha

4 Days Udzungwa Mwanihana Trail

8 Days Saadani Mikumi Udzungwa

7 Days Selous - Udzungwa Hiking

5 Days Sand Rivers Walking Safari

7 Days Mikumi Ruaha Safari

5 Days Ruaha Safari

7 Days Active Safari Ngorongoro Lengai
BushCamping Safari
10 Days the Ultimate Bush Experience (Selous - Katavi)
Udzungwa Mountains Routes
Ornithological Safaris
Tanzania have more than 1000 species of birds. Famous areas including Slopes of Kilimanjaro Mountains, Lake Natron, Selous, Mikumi & Tarangire
10 Days African Wildlife Safari
Our Game Viewing Vehicles
Tanzania safari Holidays - Safari Packages

4 Days Saadani Beach Park Safari

Ethno-Botanical Walks

Udzungwa Mountain Hiking

Olduvai Gorge Safari

Olduvai to Mt. Lengai Safari

Boat Safari on the Rufiji River

2 Days Arusha Park Safari

6 Days Tribal Safari (Hadza & Maasai)

Maasai Walks & Makarot Hike

5 Days Diving Trip Pemba Island

7 Days Pemba Island Safari

6 Days Rubondo Island Adventure

3 Days Mikumi Camping Safari

Eco-tourism adventure activities in Udzungwa Mountains

Hiking Trails in Usambara Mountains
   Serengeti Wilderness Safari Packages - Tanzania Adventure Safari Packages
Serengeti Safari Packages

Serengeti National Park is undoubtedly the best-known wildlife sanctuary in the world. It is one of the most important wildlife areas in the world, where 90% of the film series produced on African animals take place in this Savannah ecosystem.

4 Days Crater Safari
   Ngorongoro Crater Safari Packages (normally combined with Serengeti & Manyara)
the Ngorongoro crater has been home for more than 20,000 large mammals such as wildebeest, zebra, hyenas, cheaters, rhinos elephants, buffalos and lions. which are supported by the availability of year round water patches and alkaline in the the lake Magadi. The Lake is also a home for Greater and Lesser Flamingos.
 Chimpanzee tracking Safari Package (Gombe & Mahale)
Chimpanzee Tracking - Tanzania Safari Package
Gombe Stream National Park is synonymous with Jane Goodall, a British researcher who dedicates her life to study primates in this area.
Mahale Mountains National Park is a prime destination for primate lovers, ornithologists, forest dwellers and nature trailers. Download Gombe Brochure (PDF)


9 Days MAHALE GOMBE Chimp tracking Safari

Mount Kilimanjaro   (Combined  Safaris Adventures with Zanzibar Beach Holidays)
Kilimanjaro Mountains  
Ranked 3rd in the world, is the highest point in Africa with an elevation of 5,895 meters, above the sea level. The Kilimanjaro Mountain is the only largest free standing mountain in the world. Routes:-
8 Days Londorossi Route Trekking (via Karanga & Kibo Crater)
10 Days Lemosho Route (via Lava Tower &Arrow Glacier)


10 Days Serengeti Safari & Chapwani Island Holiday

Zanzibar   Island Beach Holidays Packages- Luxury Resorts in Zanzibar
Beach Resort Packages - Zanzibar Beach Holidays  
Make superbly memorable trips to Zanzibar, and spending sometimes on the gleaming white sand and gently swaying palms, take time to learn about culture of the Zanzibari which was shaped by Persians and Arabs. Zanzibar Island will also give you the access to all kinds of Watersports with great opportunities to explore the underwater world
14 Days Serengeti Safari - Zanzibar Holidays & Gombe Chimp Tacking
13 Days Safari & Zanzibar Holiday (Paje Arabian Night)
8 Days Zanzibar Excursion Trip
6 Days Ras Nungwi Beach Resort at Leisure
6 Days Chumbe Island Eco Resort Holiday

14 days Budget Safari & Zanzibar Beach Holidays

People & Culture

  Cultural Tourism in Tanzania Safari Adventure Packages

Masai Culture Tour - Tanzania Safari Package

Cultural tourism provides the opportunity to visitors to interact with local people  and got to know their culture,  visiting sacred places, knowing their sustainable economic activities. It generally focuses on traditional communities who has diverse customs, unique form of art and distinct social practices, which basically distinguishes it from other types/forms of culture
10 Days African Wildlife Safari

Details of National Parks

[Arusha National Park ][ Serengeti National Park ][Lake Manyara N. Park]

[ Tarangire National Park ][Rubondo Island ][Ngorongoro][ Mount Meru ][Kilimanjaro Mountain]

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