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Udzungwa Mountain Nature Trails
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Forest hiking and Bird Watching
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The "Highland Mangabey :: Udzungwa Forest Primates


Udzungwa is described as a “Primate National Park” since it is the only national park in Tanzania that harbors eleven species of primates. for details click Here

There are cultural and historical site inside and outside the park. Community around these areas has been using for worshiping, seeking of rainfall during severe drought, and peace & love during war or misunderstanding among the community. This place including Bokela, Ndundulu and Nyumbanitu also there are caves which they were used to hide themselves during war this include Mwanaluvere cave and Nyumbanitu cave.

Birds of the Udzungwa Mountains - Udzungwa Forest partridge - Udzungwa Mountain Forest Birds

Udzungwa Mountains is among top ten most important forests for birds’ conservation in Africa, second Endemic bird area after Ituri in DRC. Ornithologist are attracted to Udzungwa for an avian wealth as the forest is rich in bird habitat embracing more than 400 species. for details click Here
Udzungwa has plants from smallest African violet to 30 meter high like Stericulia appendiculata, Brachstegia spiciformis, Jurbenardia magnistipulata and Antiaris toxcaria. for details click Here
Short Trails (Day Trip)
Prince Bernhard waterfall trail it is 40 minutes trail
Njokamoni (Campsite number three) it is a day trip trail
Sonjo waterfall trail it is one hour trail
Sanje waterfall trail it is a day trip but you may camp if you wish
 Long Trails
3 Days: Sonjo – Mwanihana trail (Eastern of the Park)
Day 1 Ascending from Sonjo to Mizimu campsite or Njia panda camp site
Day 2 Ascending to Mwanihana peak, descending to Njia panda or Mizimu camp site
Day 3 Descending from Njia panda or Mizimu campsite to Sonjo. for Detail Trekking
6 Days: Mwanihana - Rumemo trail (Eastern of the Park)
Day 1: Ascending from Sonjo to Njia panda camp site
Day 2: Ascending to Mmwanihana peak and Descending to Njia panda campsite
Day 3: Descending to Tembo campsite
Day 4: Descending to Mikangazini campsite
Day 5: Descending to Simba campsite.
Day 6:  Descending to Rumemo ranger post and drive back to Mang’ula appr.57 km to the Park HQs
6 Days: Udekwa trail from Chui camp to Lohomero peak (Western of the Park)
Day 1: From Chui camp walkers would walk to Lualla campsite.
Day 2: Hiker would hike to Ruipa river campsite just under and west of Lohomero peak. 
Day 3: Ascending to Lohomero campsite
Day 4: Ascending to Lohomero peak and descending to Luhomero campsite
Day 5:  Descending from Lohomero campsite to Ruipa river camp or Lualla campsite 
Day 6: Descending from Lualla campsite to Chui campsite, they can alternatively walk out via Chavemba peak to the north of Lualla and then turn west and return to ‘Chui’ camp.
 3 Days: Chavemba circuit trail (Western of the Park)
Day 1: From Chui campsite, hike south and then east to Lualla campsite 
Day 2: Ascending to Chavemba peak and desceding to Ndundulu campsite
Day 3 Descending to Chui campsite
3 Days: Mwanaluvere - Mbatwa Ibito to Ngung'umbi trail (North of the Park)
Day 1: Drive to Mbatwa ranger post and hike to Mwanaluvere cave back and camp at Mbatwa campsite
Day 2: Ascending from Mbatwa campsite to Ibito campsite
Day 3: Ascending from Ibito campsite to Ngung’umbi swamp edge and descending to Ibito campsite.
Day 3: Descending from Ibito valley campsite to Mbatwa Ranger Post


3 Days Mikumi Safari Break


Map of Tanzania

 The Sanje Water Falls Udzungwa Mountains
The Sanje waterfalls are an attractive feature of the park. The Sanje waterfalls are in three stages that drop at height of 170m, 40 m and at 70 m from the bottom respectively.  The three waterfalls have nice and natural pool and at the top of the first waterfall you will have a spectacular view of Kilombero valley up to Selous Game Reserve. Other waterfall in the park include Prince Bernhard near park headquarter, Njokamoni and Mwaya along Njokamoni trail
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