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5 Days Monduli Culture Tour - Engaruka Ruins Tour - Lake Natron - Oldoinyo Lengai Climbing

Great Rift Valley Escarpment
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Day 1: Monduli Cultural Tour  

Breakfast and then transfer to Monduli Juu , which  is a ward  of four small Maasai villages namely Emairete, Enguiki, Eluwai  and Mfereji .  These villages are the heart of Maasai people where they live and work in their natural environment. Here you will visit Maasai people in their bomas going about their daily activities.

Later on you will be transferred to Naramatu for ‘Kona Saba’ Escarpment climb. From Namaratu you will walk through savannah tree to the foot of the escarpment. The climbing trip will take you through the evergreen rain forest and along the way you will see trees, birds and animals of that habitat. From the rift valley escarpment you will have magnificent scenery of Kitumbeine, Longido up to Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Mount Lengai over a distance. Late afternoon drive to Lake Manyara for dinner and overnight camping

Day 2: Ancient Engaruka Ruins & Culture Tour

After breakfast drive to Engaruka Ancient Place to see the Oldest Irrigation System, and graves. Maasai culture Tour, Dinner and overnight camping at Engaruka village

Day 3: Lake Natron

Drive to the Lake Natron for bird watching: large flocks of flamingos, herds of zebra, wildebeest and gazelle. visit the waterfalls before driving back to the campsite. Briefings on the Lengai climb at the camp after dinner. Kamakia Campsite near Oldoinyo Lengai

Day 4: Climbing Oldoinyo Lengai

Early Morning (probably 3 am) take light breakfast at the camp; at 4 am or earlier start the trail. It is a long and steep climbing of the active volcanic mountain in Africa that could take from 6 to 8 hours.

The amazing views of the small crater, the lava that is flowing over the edge and the Rift Valley are spectacular; at a clear day light the Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru are all visible; Descend to the Campsite for lunch and drive back to Lake Manyara for dinner and camping.

Day 5: Lake Manyara – Arusha

Half day game drive in the lake Manyara National park, picnic lunch in the bush; late afternoon (13:00) drive back to Arusha


Engaruka Historical Village /Engaruka Ruins
 a large area of stone-built ruins in northern Tanzania which has so far only been briefly excavated, but which prove to be a key site in the study of the Iron Age in East Africa.
In addition to numerous massive stone circles, terraces and cairns, there are extensive systems of fields and enclosures defined with lines of stones.
Excavations carried out in 1964 and 1966 have shown that the small terrace-platforms on the hillsides and the stone circles on the flatter land in the valley were occupied at different periods and by different peoples whose pottery is readily distinguishable.
 The terrace sites on the hillsides were occupied during the first millennium A.D., and that the stone circles on the lower slopes in the valley were occupied during the fifteenth century A.D. The purpose of the numerous large and well-built cairns is not yet known, but it appears that they were not burial monuments.
Engaruka Ruins

The village can be visited any day, but be better on Sundays and Thursday on Market days to explore the live culture of Maasai people


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