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Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel
Prison (Changuu) Island Tour: The Changuu island lies just off the old stone town, it was used as a prison for misbehaving Slaves. there is a beautiful coral reef, ideal for snorkeling, and lovely white beach for sun-bathing and picnic [ See the Map ]. The island is known for its giant tortoises
Bawe Tropical Island, lying 5 miles off Zanzibar Stone Town, 30 minutes boat drive, is an island smaller than a football pitch. A beautiful island that takes the breath away; acres of lush, paradise haven so skillfully done that you will think it all happened naturally.
Ras Nungwi Tour: A fishing village on the northern end of Zanzibar Island. It is famous for the dhow building. Visiting this far you will have the opportunity to see local people using traditional methods to construct sea vessels.
Ras Nungwi has incredible beach Resorting for sun-bath and the nearby coral reefs provide the ideal ground for diving and snorkeling.
Matemwe, Kiwengwa & Pongwe: North East Coast,  south of Nungwi; famous for beautiful  stretch of coastline, excellent accommodation facilities and best dive sites in Zanzibar, starting points for Mnemba Island
Bwejuu, Paje & Jambiani: All in the South East Coast of the Island, is less congested with nice beach. It is much more reserved area, relaxed and considered to be one of the best beaches on the island. Bwejuu is near the famous lagoon for the excellent snorkeling at a low tide [ See the map]
Jozani Forest: This is the only place in Zanzibar to find the last remains of the indigenous forest, which once covered much of central part of the island. It is a protected forest, which is located at a low-lying land linking the south and north [Read More]
Kizimkazi Fishing Village:  Located on the southeastern part of the island. It is a small sleepy village (famous for its dolphins), a tour that gives opportunity to the visitor to swim with dolphins, which can often be sighted after a short boat trip from the village. It is also the site that a 12th century mosque located, the earliest evidence of Islam in East Africa. This is the islandís earliest town [ See the Map ]
Menai Bay Conservation Area: It is in the southwest of Zanzibarís historic capital, Stone Town. Menai Bay declared as a conservation area since 1998 for its natural beauty. The conservation includes pristine Fumba Peninsula and several small islands. Fumba is an ideal base to explore the southern part of island underwater paradise, with a number of stunning dive sites within the Menai Bay Conservation; it is within easy reach to Kizimkazi, famous for snorkeling (with dolphins)
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Dolphins - Kizimkazi
Dolphins - Kizimkazi
Tortoise in Changuu Island, Prisaon Island
 Tortoise in Changuu Island
Ras Nungwi Beach
Ras Nungwi Beach
Menai Bay
Menai Bay

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