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Stone Town Tour

Stone Town Zanzibar
Stone Town Zanzibar comprises of most buildings that have been built beyond 19th Century. The tour takes place on foot, by car or even by bicycle. Mainly  exploring the town,  the narrow streets and historical buildings. The starting point is at Central Market (Markiti). here you will have a direct contact with local Zanzibari. See the map of Stone town (PDF)
The next stop is the Anglican Church of Christ, built in 1887 to commemorate the end of Slave Trade in East Africa. It stands on the place where there was slave market.  The cathedral  has impressive art  and marble pillars [See details].  Zanzibar Museum, which was built in 1925 to preserve the relics and documents of Sultan, slave traders and European Explorers. There are displays of historical pictures, local arts and crafts. [click on the picture to enlarge] See the map of Stone town (PDF)
Mambo Msiige building in Ras Shangani overlooking an open area. The house was first built in 1850 and sold to British foreign office in 1875. Nearby there is Old Fort (see more Ngome Kongwe).  The Most eye-catching building is the Beit-El-Ajab (The House of Wonder). It was built for ceremonial purpose in 1883 by Sultan Bargash. Then to the People’s Palace, with a fine structure, accommodated Sultans and their families from 1880 to 1964. It contains tombs of the sultan Sayyid Said and his son.
Livingstone's House was built in 1860 for Sultan Majid, and was used by many of the missionaries and explorers as a starting point. Na Sur Dispensary, which was presented by Sir Tharia Topan. A visit to the nearby  Old Mzingani Palace (the Palace of Canons), follows before heading to Dhow Harbor, where there was once a harbor  taking goods from Zanzibar and off-load Slaves and Ivory from the mainland. Read more of The history of Stone Town
Depending on your time, the day tour may end at Maruhubi Palace Ruins north of Zanzibar Town.
Accommodations: there are many hotels to accommodate travelers with different budget
House of Wonders
 House of Wonders
Old church
Anglican Cathedral

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