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Jozani forest

Jozani Chwaka Bay Conservation Area

This is the only place in Zanzibar to find the last remains of the indigenous forest, which once covered much of central part of the island. It is a protected forest, which is located at a low-lying land linking the south and north. Although the forest has been protected since 1952 , it was only in 1960 when the government declared it as a "Nature Reserve" . The tropical nature of the forest is due to the large moisture from the sea and the flooding during the rain season which creates a swampy environment. This environment nurtures trees such as as palm, figs, mahogany, Sidney blue gums, ferns, and mangroves. Much of the of wildlife in Zanzibar resides here.

This residence is home to a rare endemic specie of red colobus monkeys (Kirk's red Colobus). The blue velvet monkeys (Skes) are also found. Other animals include Ader's duiker, which are found only in Jozani and Sokoke Forest along the Kenya's coast. Leopards which are smaller in shape live here, though is unlikely that you will see them.

Over 40 species of birds have been recorded in this forest, that makes Jozani the best bird watching place in the island. Species that are normally seen are: emerald spotted wood dove, little and sombre greenbuls, Kenya crested guinea fowl, wood hoopoe, cardinal woodpecker, red capped robin chat, dark backed and golden weavers, olive sunbird and crown hornbill, coucals, and fisher's Turaco. 

The recent
decision by the government
has added the rich mangrove forests of the Chwaka bay into the reserve making the ecosystem the largest conservation area in Zanzibar.  It is strictly for walking safari
It takes an hour to reach Jozani from Stone Town and can be combined with Paje Beach visit or stay in one of the hotels in Paje  or Chwaka.
Monkey in Jozani Forest
Monkey in Jozani Forest


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