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Diving and Diving Sites in Pemba Island
Al Jazeera Al Khadra' (the green island, in Arabic)

General: Pemba Island is the perfect place to explore Indian ocean's marine life. The Island offers magnificent deep sea diving ground, which range from 30 to 50 meters. Experienced scuba divers have an opportunity to explore pristine coral structure with abundant marine life and the relatively frigid unspoiled waters of the Indian Ocean. The surface is encrusted in sponges, corals and weed.

Diving Condition: Diving usually takes place in any of the narrow channels between the islands of Pemba and Zanzibar. Due to its superb visibility divers can exceed their diving depth. The reef in Pemba is rich in tube sponges such as, miniature church organs, huge acropora plate corals and mushroom-shaped. Multi-tiered plate corals offer a plethora of hiding places for nocturnal feeders, large sweet lips, groupers, as well as, the flower-like polyps of xenia soft corals. Fish found here are black feather stars, Anemones and associated fish.
Pemba diving sites
Emerald Reef : Located at the southernmost point of Pemba Island is one of the best places for deep sea diving . This place is mostly affected by the cold southerly currents. It has a different mix of plants and corals. The reef here reaches 45 meters deep. Species of fish seen in clear water above include; black fin barracuda, horse-eye jacks, Rainbow runners, Spanish mackerel.
Uvinje Gap and Misali Gap: (deep-water drop-offs) home to big eye jacks, barracuda, giant sweet lips and groupers. Other sites including Swiss Reef, Shimba Walls, Fundu Gap,  Njao Gam and Shimba Hills.
The best diving period is between July and November, when cold clear water is driven up from the south by the autumn winds. Types of Dive includes dive from liveaboard and dive from the boat

Many tourists are seeking out the less-crowded Pemba Island for diving experience and relaxation
Pemba Island Diving
Pemba Island Diving
Photos credited to Farhat Jah of Swahili Divers www.swahilidivers.com

Saadani Fly in Safari (possible from Pemba Island)

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