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Diving and Diving Sites in Zanzibar Island

General: Zanzibar has one the best Scuba diving and snorkeling sites in East African Coast. The island has wonderful reefs with as many as 350 reef fishes being recorded here.
Chumbe Island Marine Sanctuary, is the best place for snorkeling in the island.
Leven Bank: on the north of Ras Nungwi, with a drift dive, is the best dive on a high slack Tide.
Dive boat is taking place here. Mnemba Island, just south-east of Nungwi, because of the high tide current, only the drift is possible, and it is taking place from live-aboard dive.
Other places include Bawi Island, close to Stone Town where divers have to overcome a high current tide, though offers the best dive in the east coast of the island.
Nyange: in the southwest, offers excellent marine life including stonefish and scorpion fish.
Pange: where dive can take place anytime of the year.
Pwaku, Murogo, and Mwamba Ukombe: south of stone town, where big parrotfish and jerry fish can be encountered.
Hunga, Sekina, Pembe: these are excellent dive sites, though subjected to currents. Providing interesting variety of fish including large spinney lobster, crocodile fish, scorpion fish, dusky batfish, Napoleon wrasse, eagle rays and barracuda.
Mbwangawa, Chakatuni, Ametatu, Kitchafi, Haji: Sites in the northeast of the Island, are well known for good ranges of reefs suitable for all levels of diving
Bawe Island: The reef wall is about 150m east of the east edge of the island
Average water temperature in Zanzibar is between 25 and 29C
Facilities and equipment are available to allow you accomplish and enjoy your holiday in this paradise island of Zanzibar.
Zanzibar Reef
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