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Zanzibar The Anglican Cathedral
Anglican Cathedral in Zanzibar

Cathedral of the Universities Mission in Central Africa. This site was originally a slave market, but was bought by CUMC missionaries who converted the place into a cathedral. Cathedral's altar stands at the site of a tree where slaves used to be tied and beaten. The adjoining St Monica's Hostel has a notorious pit in the cellar, where slaves were kept before being auctioned (See the map of Stone town (PDF))
The Anglican Cathedral was built in 1887 to commemorate the end of the slave trade. The site chosen for the cathedral was formally the location of the main slave market; and was conducted by Edward Steere, third bishop of Zanzibar and a fervent abolitionist. The cathedral has a combination of Gothic and Arabic styles and is noted for its Basilica shape and barrel vault roof, which the populace believed would never hold.
As a dedication of memories of people who fought against the slave trade, there is a window dedicated to the memory of Dr. Livingstone. People of Zanzibar believe that he was an instrumental in the the abolition of the trade.
They also believe that Dr Livingstone enlightened British people about the plight and evils of slave trade. He therefore amassed support from a wider community, for the abolition of salve trade. A crucifix standing in the cathedral is made of a tree that marked the place where Dr. Livingstone's heart was buried in Zambia. Today the place holds mass every Sunday in Swahili. English services are run every first Sunday of the month. Within the complex there is also a school.
It is one of stop points on the Stone Town Tour.

Zanzibar The Anglican Cathedral
Anglican Cathedral

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