Galanos Hot Springs - Tanga
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Galanos Hot Springs

The Galanos Hot Springs are located  few kilometers from Amboni Limestone Caves in Tanga. They were named after Christopher Galanos,  a sisal plantation owner.
The unique aspect of the springs is the fact that they are hot and sulphurous. There are blue and yellow deposits in the canal, which the sulfur water flowing. There is prevailing belief among locals that the springs  have magical arthritis and skin ailments cure. 
Galanos Hot Springs, located about 3 km on the Mombasa road and 8 km from Tanga town. the tour combined with closing the Zigi River by canoe, famous for its crocodiles.  
The area is accessible to all people locals and foreigners, you can even take a bath in the springs.
We also offer Cycling Tour to some of nearby villages and Pangani.
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