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Uluguru Mountains Morogoro


Uluguru Mountains - Hiking & culture

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Biding in Uluguru Mountains

5 Days Mikumi Selous Safari

7 Days Selous Udzungwa Safari

4 Days Selous Budget Boat Safari

Uluguru Mountains

5 Days Uluguru and Udzungwa Trekking Trip
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Rising to over 2,600m with two mountain blocks, Uluguru Mountains are part of the Eastern Arc Mountains, old crystalline chain of mountains extending from south east Kenya to the south east of Tanzania, recognized as a global biodiversity "hot spot", for high species richness, large number of endemic plant and animal species, and the delicate nature from human caused disturbances. Among them are Usambara Mountains and Udzungwa Mountains. These mountains are also given credit for the unique and diverse hydrological importance to the forest vegetation
There are 15 species of birds which are under conservation interest, 11 endemic reptiles and amphibians, three threatened and two endemic mammals. Much of the mountains are covered with forest reserves that contains some of the oldest species trees
Culture Tour Hiking and forest walking in Uluguru Mountains
The Main Object is using natural attraction and cultural heritage of the mountain people to earn substantial income, which can be used as an effective tool for enhancing these communities economical well being and mountain natural environment conservation
Early morning start driving to Nogutu village, from there hike to Madola village, which is situated on the catchment’s forest edge, walking through fruits and vegetables fields to Madola. The village that specialized in wooden handicrafts; get an impression of culture and daily activities of the local mountain community;  Get the view of Morogoro town. 
Visit the lady witch doctor, which is willing to show some of her profession.  Visit to the catchments forest (prior arrangement with the catchments forest office) .  Visit village project for Mat making and brick factory; before entertained by traditional dance and test local Cuisine ( Ugali wa Muhogo and drinking Togwa)
Culture Tour in Uluguru
The tour starts from the office via Towelo and Ruvuma village and walk to morning side, Old German Settlement. On the way back enjoy the beautiful scenery over the farming land and the view of Morogoro town. Also pass through the ports and cooker maker
Drive from Morogoro to Mtamba via Mikuyuni center to Usolo (foot print), enjoy walking, fishing and experience of local people’s life. Further more take a chance to visit stone women breast (Matombo)
Start from Kinole village via Tegetero and Bangilo village crossing the forests, before descending over Uluguru Mountain to Morogoro Town; This tour offers birding opportunity in Uluguru (“bush shrikes”); primate watch:  blue  monkeys and (black and white)  Colobus monkeys,
Test the of yourself by climbing  LUPANGA  peak (2150) on your way up, enjoy the beautiful waterfall, cool rainforest monkeys endemic species of birds, plants and the colourful butterflies.
A largest Hululu waterfall flowing about 50m high Take a drive for two hours ,then  a hike for an hour before reaching the holly place where Hululu  waterfalls. Swimming and camping can be offered

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