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Rufiji River Boat Safari

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Rufiji River Boat Safari

5 Days Mikumi Selous Safari

7 Days Selous Udzungwa Safari

4 Days Selous Budget Boat Safari

5 Days Mikumi Ruaha Budget Safari

5 Days Uluguru Mt. & Udzungwa Hiking

7 Days Selous - Udzungwa Hiking Safari

When to Visit Selous Game Reserve
All year round; but March, April & May to be avoided, December if rains are heavy it should not be considered.
Accommodation in Selous Game Reserve
There are number of lodges, normal camps and luxury tented camps inside and outside the reserve, mostly overlooking the river or ox-bow lakes.

Rufiji River Boat Safari

 Rufiji River is the largest in Tanzania, draining most of the southern part of the country and navigable for about 100 km. It is formed by the convergence of two rivers; Kilombero and Luwegu. Its main tributary is the Great Ruaha River. Rufiji River flows from southwest highlands to eastern part of Tanzania entering the Indian Ocean, opposite Mafia Island. Rufiji River Delta is the natural drainage basin, containing the largest Mangrove forest in the world. It is located about 200 kilometers south of Dar-E-Salaam in the midway between Selous Game Reserve and Mafia Island Marine Park.; the river acts as main feature in the Selous Game Reserve, which gives opportunity for River Boat safari. The area is rich in marine life that offer a healthy habitation for variety of fish and crustacean, which are supported by the deposition of mud and fresh water from the Rufiji River. Fish found here are: yellow fin, dogtooth tuna Wahoo, kingfish, Dorado, five-fingered jack, and red cod.

The Rufiji River Delta is of greatest importance for  feeding and breeding sea turtles, small remnant populations of dugong, and for their vital role as nursery areas for marine animals (especially shrimps). The mangrove forest of the Rufiji Delta is an important site for migratory wetland birds, such as curlew sandpiper, little stint, crab plover, roseate tern and Caspian tern. It is also habitat for Nile crocodiles, hippopotamus, Sykes monkey and otter.

Rufiji River offers the most exciting safari in  Selous Game Reserve. Boat safari in the Rufiji River,  is combined with other sorts of Safari, e.g. Walking Safari and Game drive Safari  giving you a picturesque view of almighty Rufiji River with its Ox-bow lakes and islands. The river is full of hippopotamus and crocodiles, which can be watched at a close range. Birds and other animals along the river banks expose the beauty of Tanzania's wilderness. Buffaloes, waterbucks and impala are usually seen in the water meadows; elephants and lions sometimes seen drinking water.

Lake Tagalala, Lake Manze, Lake Nzelekela, Lake Siwandu and Lake Mzizimia, formed by cut-off of the meanders, are the actual photographic tourist game viewing area within the Selous Game Reserve and the heart of boat safari  (See Map of Selous Game Reserve)
If you are ornithologist, you will be enjoying watching plentiful water birds including African skimmer, kingfishers, goliath heron, and the rarely seen Pel's fishing owl.
Most of our safaris in Selous Game Reserve combine with Boat excursion in the Rufiji River, which takes 2 to 3 hours. It is either done in the morning or late afternoon.
For Safari Booking/Inquiry
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