Kitulo National Park  
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Kitulo Botanical Garden


Kitulo Botanical Wonderland

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Kitulo National Park


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Known locally as Bustani ya Mungu (God's Garden) and elsewhere as the Serengeti of Flowers, The Kitulo Plateau is not just home to orchids. For six months of the year it is covered with other spectacular wild flowers as well, and is home to many species of birds, including the blue sparrow. The plateau has an enormous variety of rare flowers (with 350 species of vascular plants documented to date), including many species of ground orchid, and is one of the great natural flower gardens of the world. It is the first protected areas in tropical Africa to be gazetted primarily on the merits of its floral significance.
From October to April the flowers are in full bloom, creating an amazing carpet of color. Comprising 273 km2 of Afromontane and Afroalpine grassland, perched 2,600m above sea level, it is the most coldest part of southern highlands
Orchids belong to a family of non-woody perennials with more than 20,000 species worldwide. Celebrated for their attractive colors and shape, some are known to produce flowers that closely resemble female insects, an adaptation that turns male insects into pollinators
The wide expanses of the Southern Highlands region of Tanzania where the orchids occur remain unexplored biologically; the region contains a significant portion of the nation's biodiversity, much of it in the form of plant life.
The plateau is also home to important animal species including national and regional endemics. Breeding colonies of Blue Swallow (Hirundo atrocaerulea) and Denham's Bustard (Neotis denhami), as well as species such as Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni), Pallid Harrier (Circus macrourus), Njombe Cisticola (Cisticola njombe), and Kipengere Seedeater (Serinus melanochrous), contribute to the plateau being an Important Bird Area. The Kitulo plateau holds the only remaining viable population of Ardeotis denhami in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania
The safari this far is rewarding, it involves walking and hiking. from a scenic route via Chimala to Matamba. the 9 kilometers long road up the mountain side has 52 hairpin bends
the botanist paradise
It is experiencing 8˚C south of the equator, the plateau is reminiscent of the Scottish highlands and similar areas in northern Europe. Kitulo is one of the great flower gardens of the world

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