Kigosi Game Reserve
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Wildlife Refuge

It is located in the northwestern Tanzania, rich in wildlife diversity, birds  and insects, including bees. (See the Map). Kigosi Reserve is a protected area managed mainly for conservation through management intervention
It is within the Malagalasi-Moyowosi wetland, which is large and excellent example of  East African floodplain wetland ecosystem in good condition. The wetland provides an important dry season refuge and feeding area for migratory animals including many water birds and large mammal species. It is also is an important breeding area for rare water birds including the wattled crane and shoebill stork
The area is dominated with grassy swamps to the south and open Miombo woodland to the north, allowing the Moyowosi, Nikonga, Kigosi and Gombe Rivers flow through the flood plain.
Wildlife Attraction
The inaccessibility to this reserve contributed to the concentration  of rare water birds including the wattled crane and the shoebill stork. As it is in Moyowosi, the reserve provides perfect and excellent habitation for elusive sitatunga, waterbuck, buffalo, it is also considered to harbor large number of lions. There is considerable number of islands in the swamp where game often concentrates.
The Miombo woodland, which is dissected by the rivers, create excellent refuge for  sable, hartebeest, buffalo, topi and other game seen in the woodland. Crocodile and hippo are found in the Gombe River to the south.
Moyowosi, Kigosi and Ugalla Game Reserves form a vast and complex  reverine floodplain wetland in the basin of the Malagalasi River. The basin has five main rivers, the Malagalasi, Moyowosi, Kigosi, Gombe and Ugalla which drain an area of 9.2 million hectares (about 30% of the Lake Tanganyika catchments system)
This site is one of the few areas in Tanzania that Sitatunga (Tragelaphus spekei), an antelope species, adapted for life in wetlands, occur within a protected area and is possibly one of East Africa’s largest protected populations

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Shoebill Stork. in Kigosi Reserve

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