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Uwanda - Rukwa  Elephants

It is Part of Katavi National Park


Uwanda - Rukwa is an extension of Katavi National Park, located in Sumbawanga district, Rukwa Region. Covers an area of 4100 square kilometers. It extends from the eastern escarpment of Lake Tanganyika to the hilly central plateau that includes almost half of Lake Rukwa. (see the Map PDF)
Uwanda-Rukwa, together with the national parks of Katavi National ParkMahale, Gombe, and Ugalla Game Reserve form the  western circuit. The main feature here is the presence of the alkaline Lake Rukwa.
Vegetation: Regular  floods have created floodplain habitations  of woodland and grassland, which attracts and harbors large herds of herbivores during the dry season
Wildlife: This is the place to see a rare specie of puku "kobus vardoni". It is also the place where you can see albino giraffes, unusually-stripped zebra, and spiral-horned antelopes related to the Uganda kobs.  Other animals include topi, eland,  reedbuck, impala, roan antelopes, greater kudu, normal giraffes, elephants and hippopotamus. Lake Rukwa has highest density of crocodiles in Tanzania.
Birding: The Alkaline lake attracts many birds. Over 400 species have been recorded here, the famous ones being grey parrots, red shark, and wood peckers. Uwanda is considered to be the breeding place for red locust insects, which attract many birds.
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