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Kaole Ruins - Bagamoyo
a place of history - Chite Chikalole

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Kaole Ruins :: Kaole Tombs in Bagamoyo
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Kaole Ruins :: Kaole Tombs in Bagamoyo

Kaole was early known as Pumbuji,  was the first settlement of the Arabs from Persia in 13th Century (1270). The place was excavated in 1958 by Mr. Neville Chittick, a man from England with Mr. Samahani M. Kejeri now is a Professor

This is the major attraction that Bagamoyo town has to offer. The ruins are located about 5km from the center,  ruins have two mosques and several tombs, one mosque is the remnant of the oldest mosque in East Africa, dating between third and fourth centuries.

The ruins are believed to be established around 13th century, indicating early contact that Bagamoyo had with Islamic world. The tombs were built from coral stones.

Bagamoyo Beaches: The town has one of the most wonderful white sands beaches in Tanzania.  You will find fish hawkers and people constructing dhows along the beach.

Kaole Ruins :: Kaole Tombs in Bagamoyo

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