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Mafia Island Marine Park
The best for snorkeling and diving

Since 1995 the Marine Park was established in Mafia Island the Big game fishing was not encouraged

The park was established under the  Marine Park and Reserves Act, 1994, is the first of its kind in Tanzania. It covers an area of 822 square kilometers around the south end of Mafia Island and Chole Bay. Moreover, the park comprises of the Rufiji Delta estuarine further west. This estuarine is rich in Mangrove trees and the Coral Reefs which provide home for more than 400 species of fishes.
Aquarium: About 1 kilometer off the western shoreline of the island, there is a 200 meter deep contour along the seabed which acts as an aquarium. It hosts a vast number of marine species and provide excellent scuba diving ground.
Marine Life: Ranges from big and colorful fishes, shells, sea sponges, to sea cucumbers. Coral bommies in the  sand, stag-horn corals and other colorful hard and soft corals. The park has also a variety of tropical fishes. Among them are  Barracuda, Flying fish, Triggerfish, Red mullet and Parrotfish. It is this wide variety of fishes  and coral marine life that  has kept tourists  flocking to the area.
The best diving places are: Chole bay, Ukuta and Tutia Reefs around Juani and Jibondo islands, which are part of the Mafia Island.  
The best season to visit is from August to March before heavy rain starts. Diving and snorkeling facilities are available. Well equipped boats with safety gears, communication facilities and experienced crews  are available. Diving lesson are offered at the Marine National Park.
The area is well suited for snorkeling, which needs the depth of at least 3 to 6 meters of water.
All Hotels/lodges in Mafia Islands operates diving, snorkeling and sport fishing activities. 
Marine Park Fee is US$ 20/ppd for adult and US$ 10/ppd for children
Tel. +255 22 2 772782
Fax. +255 22 2 773409  E-mails 

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