Mafia Island
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Mafia Island

Mafia Island  - Facts
Unknown Paradise
Mafia Island, locally was named as "Chole Shamba" before the foreign influence. The island comprises of one large and a number of inhabited and uninhabited off-shore islands around it. Location: located near the delta of the River Rufiji, about 120 kilometers south of Dar es Salaam.
Mafia Island's history goes back to 8th century. The island once played a major role in ancient trade, between the people of Far East and mainland Tanzania. The first records of settlement is of the Shiraz who had their headquarter at Kilwa during the 11th to 13th centuries and 13th-16th century; they had settlements at Ras Kisimani on Mafias most western point.
Attraction: The major tourist activities are Scuba diving, snorkeling, Sport fishing, beach and off-shore island excursions including sunset cruises. Places: Chole Bay, Kinasi Pass Islets, Mange Reef, Kitutia, and Jibondo Pass.
Aquarium: About 1 kilometer off the western shoreline of the island, there is a 200 meter deep contour along the seabed which acts as an aquarium. It hosts a vast number of marine species and provide excellent scuba diving ground. For details Click
Season: October to the end of March are the best months for diving. But for non-divers the months between May and October offer the best weather
How to reach Mafia: for tourists, you can only reach there by plane which operate daily; don't try with motorized boat or dhow (it is very dangerous)

Marine Park Fee is US$ 20/ppd for adult and US$ 10/ppd for children

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