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5 Days Mafia Island Holiday Vacation - Kinasi

The best months for scuba diving are September to March & snorkeling can be done all year round in the sheltered, calm waters of Chole Bay. But for non-divers the months between May and October offer the best weather

4 Days Selous Budget Safari

Kua Ruins - Mafia Island
Shamba Kilole Lodge (New Lodge)

Chumbe Island at Leisure

Mafia Island
Mafia Island is a perfect spot for excursion after wilderness safari, for both divers and non-divers have opportunities to different activities, from beach picnics, day trips for snorkeling, or walking safari to Mlola Forest, and excursions to villages and local markets.
However Chole Island excursion is on top; an off-shore island is packed with numerous ancient ruins. It is a  perfect place to start  excursion while you are in Mafia Island. Attractions include :
The largest ruin  in town. This ruin was used by the Germans as their  administrative office.
Chole's inhabitants are famous for  the art of of boat building, shark fishing, and hand-manufacture of coconut coir ropes making. Walking tour in this island will allow you to see among local people pursuing their exciting daily lives.
Nature walking tour to ancient coral rock swimming pools, or a visit to Kua ruins with mosques dating  back to the 14th Century,  The 18th Century grand old house the most prominent feature in Juani Island.
Trekking  through the bush to the "Blue Lagoon"
The  13th Century Mosque which was excavated at Ras Kisimani on the southwest tip of the Mafia island, contains Chinese pottery fragments. This may seem to indicate that there was constant contact between people of Mafia and foreigners from Far East.
The fully equipped dive centre for beginners & experienced divers offers PADI and NAUI certifications
Dive excursion trips can be done to to Kitutia Reef, Mwamba Ukuta, Mange Reef, Kifinge Bay, Okuza Island and Ras Mkumbuu. you can organize a trip to watch whales or for snorkeling / diving with whales and with whale-sharks
Newly Launched, Utende Culture Tourism Program: people of Mafia Island show case their traditions, from dancing to how they fish and cook.
Marine Park Fee is US$ 20/ppd for adult and US$ 10/ppd for children
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