Chole Bay - Mafia Island
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Mafia Island - Chole bay - Marine Park

Chole Bay - Marine Park
The best for snorkeling and diving
General: The horseshoe-shaped Chole Bay is superb for snorkeling, scuba diving and excellent site for underwater photographing.  It has been made up of  coral reefs and bommies, which form natural habitation for great variety of colorful fish and other marine life.
The Chole Bay: It is part of Mafia National Marine Park (protected area), which extends to Kinasi Pass. This protected area includes Chole Reef, Chole Wall, and Kinasi Pass Wall.
Characteristics: It is characterized by shallow-water 2 8 meters deep, which gives a great light penetration. it has also blue and clear water, (providing water visibility of up to 15 meters) and the average warm of the water is between 28 and 30C temperatures.
Chole Reef : Is dominated by isolated coral outcrops (bommies) in the shallow water and ending in coral rubble and sand , which naturally attract many colourful tropical marine lives.
Chole Wall: Located inside Kinasi Pass to the north of Chole Island, has stunning coral pristine, which harbors big marine life such as sea turtles. This side is suitable for scuba diving.
Kinasi Pass Wall: This wall was formed by dense unspoiled expenses of walls and drop-offs full of groupers, stingrays and moray eels. It has a natural opening in the reef, suitable for scuba diving,
Other Places for snorkeling: Mange Reef, Kitutia, and Jibondo Pass. They are all within the island's proximity.
When you are tired with water, the next day will be the walking excursion in Mafia Island as well as offshore islands of Chole and Jibondo
Marine Park Fee is US$ 20/ppd for adult and US$ 10/ppd for children
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