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The Island in the Lake Victoria

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Rubondo Island Birding Safari

African Fish Eagle - Rubondo
The African Fish Eagle has two distinct calls. When near the nest its call is more of a "quock" sound - the female being, in all cases, a little shriller and less mellow than the male. So well known and clear is the call of this bird that it is often known as "the voice of Africa"

Mwanza City

Biharamulo Game Reserve

5 Days Rubondo Island Safari

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The nature of the park, allows game drives, foot-walking safari and/ or boat safari, chimpanzee tracking and canoe trip . (See detailed Itinerary)

Rubondo Island National Park (in Lake Victoria) lies 300 kilometers on the south west corner of Mwanza Town near Biharamulo Game Reserve. The park  is one of the best places for bird watching.  It harbors a variety of rare marine life,  and  various wildlife species. It was gazetted as a national park in 1977 after the introduction of several animal species onto the Island.
Humid forest covers 90% of the park, the rest is coastal grassland and papyrus beds, which make it rich in variety of plant species including savannah, open woodland, papyrus swamps,  dense forest  and the wonderful red-coral trees.  The forest here is evergreen because of the abundant water supply from the lake. Many tree roots reach the shallow ground water table. The rock outcrops in the forest increase the attractiveness of this wild Island. The combination of flowers and red coral trees adds magnificence to the wilderness of Rubondo.
The forests in Rubondo is almost undisturbed, enabling  it to harbor a variety of  mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. Sitatunga (an amphibious antelope that likes to hide among the marshes and reeds along the shoreline), small bands of chimpanzees  and black and white Colobus monkeys,  which have been introduced several years ago, occupy the central parts of the park.
Crocodile and hippopotamus  dominate the water on the boundaries of the park. You can easily observe hippo at close range during the night.  Elephants, and giraffes can also be seen in this park. Most frequently seen animals are bushbucks, velvet monkeys, suni antelope, otters , genet, marsh mongoose, and and rarer species of black and white Colobus. For other  botanical and bird  watching attractions.
Rubondo Island (Mwanza Safari) offers  many activities of different tastes. Botanists, florist, insect and bird lovers have the same opportunity to enjoy the island, just as game viewers. Beautiful flowers such as ground and tree orchids, gloriaosa and fireball lilies can be seen during  the short rainy season of October and December. Owing to diversified vegetations and its geographical position, Rubondo is a beautiful place for naturalists who like to watch or  collect butterflies.
Other Attractions
The varied nature of its vegetation has enabled Rubondo Island to attract both water  and forest dwelling bird species. The frequently seen species are fish and martial eagle, goliath heron, sacred ibis, saddle-billed stork, parrots, kingfishers, cuckoos, bee-eaters, sunbirds, and other water fowl. (Bird Watching)
The strategic position of the park that has been a major influence for migrant birds from Europe and South America  who makes Rubondo its stop over place, during winter seasons, that makes Rubondo National Park an excellent Bird watching place in the lake Victoria.

When to go
Dry season, June - August for Wildflowers and butterflies
Wet season November-March. December- February best for migratory birds

Rubondo Island Safari

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