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Soon will be the 15th National Park in Tanzania

Mkomazi is increasingly becoming famous to tourists who visit Tanzania. With Kenya's Tsavo National Park comprises a single unique ecological unit, which forms the most important savannah vegetation in Africa. It is also believed that large animals which are found in Tsavo reside in this park too and provide seasonal refuges for many species of large mammals and migrant birds.
It has a great biological significance, representing species and ecosystems not commonly found elsewhere in East Africa
The reserve covers an area of 3,701 km sq. along the Kenya-Tanzanian border, between Kilimanjaro and the coast, North of Tanga. Mkomazi lies at the southern extremity of the great arc of semi-arid savanna, the Sahel, into which many Somalian species of plants and animals are funneled, but beyond which they are unable to extend their range, concentrating species diversity, and making the area as one of the richest savannas in Africa
It is the home of Mkomazi Rhinos Project, a project to relocated black rhinos from South Africa to Mkomazi Game Reserve and Ngorongoro. Its goal is community based wildlife management; a program aimed at educating communities on the benefits of wildlife. The project is run by Tanzania Wildlife Protection Fund.
The reserve harbour more than 78 species of wildlife including elephant, hartebeest, zebra, giraffe, gazelle, steenbok, and shy aardwolf. Mkomazi has also an approximately 450 species of birds, which make it a paradise for ornithologists (click here to read more on bird watching).
: these are the main routes which are used by trekkers to reach the top or descending

The wilderness and dense vegetation nature of this game reserve is ideal for hiking and walking safari. While walking or hiking you will have the chance to see  re-introduced African hunting dogs and other big mammals. It is a paradise for bird lovers, birds like Shelly's Starling, Fisher's Starling, Somali Long-billed Crombec Carmine Bee-eaters, and Spotted Redshank are commonly seen.
The rolling South Pare Mountains give way to Mkomazi game Reserve's own system of valleys which some of them containing small lakes and numerous wildlife.

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Machame Route  6 Days Trekking

Marangu Route 5 Day Trekking
Londorossi Route 8 Days Trekking
Umbwe Route 5 Day Trekking
Western Breach Route 8 Days
Rongai Route 6 Days Trekking


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