Kilimanjaro Mountain Climbing Seasons
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Mawenzi Peak - Kilimanjaro Mountain

Kilimanjaro - Climbing Conditions
Kilimanjaro Weather - Pre condition for Climbing
The weather in Kilimanjaro is a direct result of season of the year, the side and altitude on the mountain.
The rainiest period: March to June, clouds tends to pile up and over the summit, dropping snow on top and rain at the base. Visibility can be limited by cloud cover. The dry season begins in late June and through July with cold at night and clear sky. August and September are also cool with complete clear days, though a dripping cloud belt girdles the mountain above the forest and moorland; at the summit become totally clear. Shorter rains I October to December with thunderstorms: typically the clouds disappear in the evenings leaving the nights and mornings clear with few showers. January and February are usually dry, warm and clear with few showers which make good climbing conditions
Time to Visit: The best time to climb is September to October during the dry season, when the sky is usually clear from clouds. Avoid rain season which starts March and ends in May, because the slopes are more slippery. However, the climbing can also be arranged for  June and July
Climbing times in each day are intended to be rough estimates, it depends on the fitness level and the pace of walking.
The trekking companions: Experienced and English speaking guide to accompany you to the top, Porters for  your luggage, and a cook for your meals.
Pre-conditions for climbing: You should be healthy to climb the mountain. Make sure you have travel insurance policy from your country
Warm Necessities: to mention few: sweaters/jumpers, gloves, and mittens, scarf, woolen hat, and a thick fiber pile or down jacket, a light waterproof top; trousers plus light over-trousers, and several pairs of socks and pants; Raincoat, snow-goggles/sunglasses and walking stick; climbing boots that prevent irritation and blisters; Three or four season sleeping bag and waterproof rucksack bag, outdoors' sport water bottle; sun protection cream, small first aid kit, a torch with extra batteries, toilet roll, small towel and wash kit; you should carry with you some money for tip (cook, guide and driver), otherwise they will ask; Do not take all thick clothes, take some clothes that allow ventilation.
TANAPA is responsible for providing facilities, maintaining routes and huts, and organizing rescue services.. the park authority has a reliable and equipped rescue team on the mountain.

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