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Historical Village of Ujiji in Kigoma

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Ujiji Kigoma

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Ujiji Stone
Ujiji also known as Kavele, situated on the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika, about 10 kilometers south of Kigoma. This was  an Arabic settlement during the Slave Trade, used to be the terminus for the old caravan route from the coast.
Ujiji has also a historical significance for explorers. It is a place where Burton and Speke first reached the shore of Lake Tanganyika in 1858,  and the place where Dr. Livingstone met Stanley in 1871. A monument known as Dr. Livingstone memorial has been constructed to commemorate the meeting. there is a slave route near the market. 
Near the shores of lake Tanganyika lies an ancient and traditional fishing market. At night when the lake relatively calm, visitors may enjoy the romantic site of softly lit Lake. 
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The lake first made known to the Europeans in mid 1800's by English explorers Richard Burton and John Speke.


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