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 Tanzania is a tropical country with high humidity; fungal vagina infections are a common problem.  This can be caused by many factors including:-  contraceptive and or antibiotic use, excessive sweat, improper hygiene  and the wearing of synthetic underwear .

Simple steps can immensely reduce the risk of infection; Wear loose fitting clothes; Wear cotton underwear and  avoid synthetic underwear because they  may cause fungal vaginal infection. A good personal hygiene especially on the vagina is necessary. Ask your doctor what simple steps to take in case you have fungal problem, in most cases you do not need to see a doctor.

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, discuss with your doctor if you can travel. In certain case, you many find that you are unable to take a vaccination because of the pregnancy. Moreover, during the first three and the last three months of the pregnancy miscarriages are common, it is therefore advisable to be close to a hospital.
In most places, prenatal care is available, in remote rural villages however, facilities are unavailable. Pregnant women have to travel for a long distance before they can attend to a health clinic. 
Important: Check on venereal transmitted diseases. Consult your health facilities in your country to know more about the sexual communicable diseases in the tropical countries.
Drink as much water as you can; and use bottle sealed water or treated water; do not drink tap water.

Advise and information women need about health during the safari in Tanzania.

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