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Kolo Rocks Ancient Paintings
Kondoa Irangi



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Kolo Rocks Ancient Paintings, located 100 kilometers south of small tow of Babati, in  a place called Kondoa Irangi. They set within hilly landscape characterized by Miombo woodlands that were home to herds of wildlife roaming peacefully in the rift valley as they have been for more than 30,000 years, unrestored and protected by nothing more than an overhang of rock. the rocks here are unusual in technique and content

The spectacular collection of images from over 150 shelters, many with high artistic value, display sequences that provide a unique testimony to the changing socio-economic base of the area from hunter-gather to agro-pastoralist societies, and the beliefs and ideas associated with them. Some of the shelters are still considered to have ritual associations with the peoples who live nearby.

The the paintings show simplified human figures engaged in hunting, playing music instruments, crossing rivers and animals such as elephants,  giraffe and antelopes.  The symbolize hunter-gatherer art people who were living in this areas.

One of the key qualities of the Kondoa rock art sites is that they still play an active role in the rituals of local communities. The sites are used for instance for weather-divination, healing and initiation.

It is the latest Tanzania's World heritage site in 2006

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kolo rocks Kondoa Irangi
Rock Paintings in Tanzania

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