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Modern medical services are available in major cities and towns - from the states, private and religious institutions. Pharmacies are also available, though we advice travelers to bring their own medicines, especially for those with special cases.
Visitors are also advised  to get vaccinations against malaria, and yellow fever. Personal situation such as pregnancy, allergies, the length of a stay or the places you intend to visit will determine the kind of a vaccination you will have to take. Other vaccinations are taken in combination.
"Tanzania’s position on Yellow fever requirement for travelers entering our country remains unchanged. All travelers coming from endemic countries are required to produce evidence of yellow fever vaccination. This travel requirement does not apply to those travelers coming from non-endemic countries. Travelers from non-endemic countries travelling through endemic countries are subject to yellow fever vaccination only if they stay outside the Airport or have a long connection up to twelve hours"
Advance vaccination plan will give you plenty of time to take a desired combination at a desired time. Vaccination is essential; a vaccination certificate is required when entering Tanzania. Make contact several months prior to departure to ensure the best schedule for any vaccinations you need
Bilharzias (on Safari) Avoid contact with any stagnant water be it in a pond or a small river or lake. Do not swim in swimming pools that you have doubt. Do not walk bare foot around the edges of a river or lake especially when the area is busy with activities such as washing and animal feeding 
Check out what you eat on the street; sometimes it doesn't cope with your stomach; fruits are plenty and sweet in Tanzania, mind washing before you eat.
Please; consult you house doctor; community health center or any other medical practitioners or specialist travel clinics for further assistance and advice about tropical and contaminated diseases
When on Safari, try to drink sufficient quantities of water, and should be treated one (bottled water are widely available in Tanzania)
Most of our safaris cover many remote locations where there are limited medical facilities. We recommend that you are insured with private specialist local medical operators since the Government of Tanzania does not provide any emergency medical evacuation scheme. While international medical insurance is essential, it should be combined with a local scheme provided by a local medical evacuation operator in order to prevent delays in mobilizing effective emergency medical rescue.
There various schemes ranging from $30 and above depending on the areas visited, the number of days and the respective age of the traveler

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