Dar es Salaam Off Shore Islands

Mbudya Bongoyo & Sinda

coral creatures in Mbudya Island

Coral Reef in Mbudya Island

 Fishing dhow in Kunduchi beach

Fishing dhow in Dar es Salaam
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Bongoyo Island

Offshore islands near Dar es Salaam have magnificent white sand beaches for sun bathing, picnic and excursions; beautiful coral reefs, shallow and blue clear water popular for snorkeling. 

Bongoyo Islands Marine Park: The island is locate about 8 km north of Dar es Salaam. In contrast to other beaches, this island is  not tide dependent, therefore,  you can swim at any time. We arrange a day trip for diving.
Mbudya Island : Mbudya lies 4 kilometers north of Bongoyo and share almost the same characteristics as Bongoyo.
Pangavini Island: Pangavini Island is just off the Kunduchi beach, it is gazetted as Marine Reserve and having excellent diving ground for snorkeling
Octopus garden: this is a flat reef with small, but mostly intact coral with variety of beautiful and colourful tropical fish. it is famous for being having many octopus on a reef, that's why it is called "Octopus Gardens"
Sinda Island: comprises of two small uninhabited islands of ''Inner Sinda and Outer Sinda. It is part of a bigger coral reef system. Sinda Island is about 15 kilometers off the Dar es Salaam City, offer facilities for swimming, goggling and shelling. It is also regarded as Honeymoon Island and a picnic rendezvous for those who enjoy a day launch trip.

These are just some of the places for water sports and excursion in Dar es Salaam, include BIG-T Reef northwest of Bahari Beach, Fungu Yasini, Fungu Mkadya, Buick Reef and Wreck of the Schilammerstad.

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