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National Museum Sculpure
Sculpture at Makumbusho Village


Pre Historical findings and Buildings, Tanzania artifacts and Cultural display in Dar es Salaam


National Museum: The Dar es Salaam National Museum displays the most significant archeological pieces, including the fossils of Zinjathropus, the early fossils of mankind which were discovered at Olduvai Gorge by Dr.  Mary Leakey. It also contains Tanzania’s history from the period of the slave trade, European exploration, German occupation and British colonization to its struggle for independence  and early postcolonial period. There are some displays for Tanzania traditional art crafts from tribes, as well as art-facts like ancient coins and pottery which were discovered in different parts of the country

Historical Buildings:  The city has a considerable number of buildings that dates as early as 1850's. Most of them were constructed by the German colonialist. To mention few:  the Ocean Road Hospital (1897),  Dar es Salaam City Council head office(1867). The State House, Lutheran Church (probably the oldest building standing today on the city), St. Joseph's Cathedral (1897-1903) and Tanzania Railway Corporation (Central Station which constructed in1906).  The buildings near Kilimanjaro Hotel along the Kivukoni Road, which are now used by Prison Department, Kivukoni Magistrate's court and Department of Land and Survey were also built in 1880s.

Makumbusho Village:  Situated along the Bagamoyo road which holds authentically constructed dwellings form different parts (tribes) of the country. resident artists and craftsmen and women displaying their artifacts. you can also taste the local food (e.g Nyama choma). The museum often holds Ngoma (traditional dances from 14:00 - 18:00 hours). Other cultural activities are frequently held there.

Kariakoo Market: the colourful and bustling Market in the city. The City's main local produce market, which is regarded as the largest such market in East Africa.

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