Gezaulole Village

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Pre Historical findings and Buildings, Tanzania artifacts and Cultural display in Dar es Salaam

Gezaulole interesting culture and history form a major element in the appeal for eco-tourism in the country.
Gezaulole is steeped in History. In the early days, it was a Zaramo settlement, the local tribe along the coast of Dar es Salaam. In the 16th Century, Arab settlers cam and used the village to carry-out their trade, the destination for caravans carrying ivory, hides and slaves for Zanzibar and beyond.
The Arabs named it as Mbwa Maji, the name it kept until the 1970ís when the village was chosen as the first settlement under the Ujamaa Policy to relocate unemployed from the city in order to develop their lives though communal activities, mainly agriculture.
Gezaulole is a small beach village, about 20 kilometers south of Dar es Salaam. Gezaulole village and its beach are the most attractive sites on the south coast. The village, the oldest settlement in Dar es Salaam, with ruins dating back about 1,000 years, contains 4 Century old mosque, the slave depot and old Muslim grave.
Unspoiled and less frequently visited beach, white clear water with white sand that invites visitors to swim in much more of private manner. The surroundings are full of bird-life just competing with velvet monkey and reptiles. It is also famed for its coastal culture, fishermen sailing up and down in their traditional dhows and canoes.
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