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Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Dar es Salaam, Twin Towers
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Almost all the Southern Tanzania Safaris  starts in here Dar es Salaam.
Including Safari to Saadani, Mikumi, Ruaha, Udzungwa, Kitulo and Katavi National Parks; as well as Selous Game Reserve

Dar es Salaam, once called "Mzizima" (which means the healthy town), is an old city dating as early as 1857. Though the history of Mzizima went beyond 1,000 years when the Barawa people (who then mingled with Zaramo to become among them) started to settle and cultivate the area around Mbwa Maji, Magogoni (now Kivukoni) Mjimwema, Gezaulole
The city has seen major changes dating from the influences of the Sultanates to the Germans and then British. The name Dar es Salaam means heaven of peace, a name chosen by Sultan Seyyid Majid of Zanzibar. The city started as a fishing village in the mid19th Century before being turned to a port and a trading center.
Dar es Salaam is the commercial capital of the country, it wields immense political and economical power. The atmosphere is pleasant in the city with picturesque Harbour, exotic beaches, and historical buildings such as state house, Ocean Road hospital and churches, as well as the most famous sculpture of Askari Monument. It is the city renowned for its lively nightlife
Most of the official buildings can be found here, including State House, the former House of Tanzania's National Parliament and government ministries are all located in the city. It is also the place where most diplomatic missions are located. Most of the local and international hotels, such as Kilimanjaro Hotel (Kempinski) Royal Palm Hotel Movenpick, Holiday Inn, Golden Tulip, New Africa, Sea Cliff, Harbors View, Millennium Tower Peacock, Palm Beach, Protea Hotels, white Sand, Jangwani Sea Breeze and Peacock
The city is the country's major international and local gateway. The main international airport (Julius Nyerere International Airport) which serves considerable number of local and international flights, Two Major train stations and Main Bus Terminal for all inter-regional or inter-national buses. as well as main port for cargo and passengers. The Julius Nyerere (Dar es Salaam) International Airport is about 13 kilometers from the city center.
Cultural Activities: daily City Tour to the National Museum, Historical Buildings, Botanical Garden, Fish Market and Kariakoo Market