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Dar es Salaam Askari Monument
Dar es Salaam, Askari Monument
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Dar es Salaam City Tour, takes place every day upon request. the tour starts at 10:00 in morning and last for half day or so.

If you are in the city centre, the tour starts from Botanical Garden: It was established by the Germans in 1906. After the WW1, the British maintained the the garden. Today the garden still having the same colourful enchanting flavour of flowers and plants. Most dominating flowers are purple bougainvillea, yellow Indian laburnum, blue jacaranda, scarlet flame trees, red hibiscus and other species of flowers and plants
Then drive to National Museum, which displays the most significant archeological pieces, including the fossils of Zinjathropus, the early fossils of mankind which were discovered at Olduvai Gorge by Dr.  Mary Leakey. Cultural artifacts from different tribes in Tanzania
Visit the famous fish market (Ferry); local fishermen deliver their catch at dawn directly to the market and a frenzied fish fracas ensues. Wade in for red snapper, lobster, prawns, squid, barracuda and shellfish fresh from the Indian Ocean
Mwalimu Nyerere Cultural Center Nyumba Ya Sanaa: The "Art House" was established in 1983 by a Catholic Nun with the help of the Norwegian Funds. It displays traditional arts and crafts which are mostly made by women and disabled.
Along the Indian Ocean , drive to Slipway Waterfront, northward on a magnificent Msasani Bay, offer interesting mix or leisure, entertainment, shops, restaurants with different tastes and craft markets.
Around 13:00 head on Makumbusho Village:  Situated along the Bagamoyo road which holds authentically constructed dwellings form different parts (tribes) of the country. The museum often holds Ngoma (traditional dances from 14:00 - 18:00 hours). Other cultural activities are frequently held there.
Mwenge Art Gallery: Located along old Bagamoyo road at Mwenge suburban close to Mlimani City Shopping Center . This is the area where local people sell their art crafts. The gallery offers a wide selections of beautiful pottery, paintings, jewellery, and carvings. Tingatiga Art Gallery
From there drive to the very colourful Kariakoo Market with exotic fresh produce and local textiles
in the center via University of Dar-Es-Salaam: The University of Dar es Salaam is well-known as Mlimani;  short visit to the market before  driving to Mnazi Mmoja Park: Beautiful park near the city centre with a symbolic Uhuru Torch Monument, built to celebrate the country's Independence in 1961