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Mkuru Maasai Village - Ng'iresi Village

Mkuru Maasai Village - camping safari
Camping in Mkuru Village
Mkuru village  is located on the northern part of Mount Meru, near the irrigation scheme of Engare Nanyookye and Momella Gate. The area is dominated by Maasai people and Wa-Arusha.
Visitors have the opportunity to meet Maasai People and visiting their Bomas, see traditional dancing and and test their food. Apart from cultural tour, the camel-back tour between Kilimanjaro Mountain, Mount Meru, and Oldoinyo Lengai is the one that attract many to come this far. Other alternative indulge in bird watching around the Mkuru plain or near Lake Natron and climbing the pyramidal-shaped mountain Ol Doinyo Lendaree. Mkuru is an unique Maasai village, which still lives and conserves the original Maasai traditions;  Accommodation is available at  Mkuru Camel Camp, with bon fire.


On the other side of Mount Meru lies a Ng'iresi Village,  which is mostly populated by Wa-Arusha  tribe.  The Eco Tour enables community to shows tourists various facets of their daily life and culture.
It is an opportunity  to see the initiatives of local people in several community development programs; development projects from the villagers’ initiatives such as school, farms, soil conservation, irrigation scheme, and cattle crossbreeding program. The visit will also  involve walking on banks of the Marisha River, which harbors the tropical birds and playful monkeys. It is better to start from Moivaro Lodge

Above all there is a possibility of combining cultural tour with hiking in Kiresi and Lekimana Hills,  which are all covered with natural forest. A visit to the  traditional healers, who are still using the same ancient method of curing  people.

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